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All orders (except for software requiring dongles) are delivered electronically.
Payment is by invoice sent with the software (PDF or postal mail).
When ordering, please supply a valid postal adress in Switzerland for the invoice.

Price Guarantee

If you find a legitimate offer in Europe for any of the software on this site that is lower than SwissRhino’s we will match it. The offer must be a bona-fide written offer for the identical software, delivered in Switzerland, the price to be compared is the total delivered price including all applicable taxes and shipping.

Prices based on exchange rate 1 Euro = CHF 1.14

The prices in CHF are based on the prices in Euros, they can vary according to the current exchange rate. Please e-mail or call for a firm quote at the "prix du jour"!

Rhino V6 Windows comm. single user new license CHF 1140.-

Rhino V6 Windows commercial single user upgrade CHF 570.-

Rhino V5 MAC commercial single user new license CHF 800.-

Rhino V5 educational single user license (Win/Mac) CHF 225.-

Rendering (Windows only)

V-Ray for Rhino Next comm. WS (= 1x GUI + 1x RN) CHF 660.-

For V-Ray for Rhino Next upgrade possibilities and prices,
please see pricelist !

Flamingo nXt (3.0) commercial single user CHF 570.-

Rendering bundles (Windows only)

Rhino + VRay Next WS Bundle – CHF 1625.-

Rhino + Flamingo Bundle – CHF 1490.-

For all other prices, download pricelist here (PDF)



For additional questions or to place an order:

E-mail - or - Telephone : (021) 963 91 86 or (079) 337 35 44