NEW ! V-Ray 5 for Rhino by ChaosGroup

V-Ray has become the renderer of choice in big production studios across the world. Feature film productions, multi-million dollar game productions, large and small architectural visualizations have trusted their visuals to V-Ray. Now ChaosGroup have brought this incredible power to Rhino via the V-Ray for Rhino plug-in.

V-Ray is the perfect solution for global illumination and is very easy to use when trying to achieve professional results and still maintain very fast rendering times.

V-Ray offers Rhinoceros users a robust set of ray-tracing features that enable them to bring their ideas to life quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. V-Ray products also ship with a collection of preset rendering options and a comprehensive materials library; in addition, ChaosGroup offers a growing online database of rendering options and materials created by V-Ray for Rhino users, available on their website.

SwissRhino is a reseller of V-Ray for Rhino in Switzerland. For more info on V-Ray for Rhino as well as for downloading manuals, materials, etc., visit the ChaosGroup website!

Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in VRay for Rhino by Thomas Anagnostou   Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in VRay for Rhino by A. Church - Redpoint Design

V-Ray is available bundled with Rhino at a special price
see pricelist page for details!