Mac Rhino

Rhino for Mac V6 is here!

The latest version of Rhino for Mac has just arrived!

Rhino V6 for Mac is much more feature-complete, nearly all of the features and improvements in Rhino V6 for Windows are now available on the Mac side.

Rhino for Mac has an interface that is specially designed to be comfortable and familiar to Mac users (different from Rhino for Windows).

Also new: a Rhino V6 license is valid for both Mac AND PC!
Now you can use either or both platforms with the same license. You can also manage your licenses with the Cloud Zoo and have access to them anywhere in the world (internet connection required).

Try before you buy:
You can download and test Rhino for Mac free for 90 days!

For more info, see the Rhino for Mac Wiki home page.

To see what users are saying, and to participate in the development of Rhino for Mac, visit the Rhino for Mac discussion forum!