RhinoGold is a jewelry creation plug-in for Rhino that has been created specifically for jewelers, by jewelers.

You do not need to be an expert in 3D modeling to use it! Using RhinoGold’s many wizards and automatic functions, see your work come to life interactively and in real-time on the screen! RhinoGold’s ease of use combined with Rhino’s famous free-form modeling abilities give you give you the power to create any type of form you can imagine!


RhinoGold’s unique interface turns Rhino into a Jewelry studio. Clean, simple and easy to understand, it adapts to your level of expertise as you grow. It has all the tools you need to create world-class designs of one of-a-kind pieces or for production.

For experienced Rhino users who are already familiar with its modeling environment, RhinoGold can also be used as a set of jewelry-specific tools and wizards which are integrated into the usual modeling workspace.

Either way, you get all the power of Rhino’s free-form modeling focused precisely on what you need to do - create unique jewelry pieces!

For more details and a demo version, visit the RhinoGold website!

See our pricelist page for RhinoGold pricing and bundles.